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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Buzz It
Hi my dear viewer's here please read this latest post with the latest information letting you know, pesticides. In many cases in agriculture also in houses please avoid pesticides. In many cases worms and some insects do well to plants and trees. Only few do harm to the plants. So select the pesticide which kills only the harmful insects to plant.   The Pesticides were not to be allowed to mingle with grains.

But at the same time Mosquito is an insect which creates many damages to this human society. For this to be eradicated from the earth we request the scientists to explore the maximum possibilities to find a suitable pesticide/repellant. Scientists of this world concentrate on atomic power and atom bomb which will cause a huge damage to human society on earth. So scientists not to give much importance to this atom bomb, but give importance to things which helps people to live on the earth. Please find out the ways and means how the adulteration can be avoided or eradicated from food items.

Thank you; hope you all will do explore the possibilities to help our human society.

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