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Monday, March 23, 2015

Maan Ki Baat By Narendra Modi P M O - India - PM’s Mann Ki Baat with farmers on 22nd March, 2015

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Maan Ki Baat By Narendra Modi P M O - India.

Land acquisition Bill is not New to India. Yes, this Law has been applied on many times by several Government in India. This has happened even in the British colonial Government in India by East India Company.

For example few decades back when Mrs.Fathima Beevi was the Governor of Tamil Nadu she ordered an order on which our lands are taken away by Government of Tamil Nadu and those were handed over to Hyundai Motor Car Company. Government paid Rupees 5370 only for our grounds as Government rate. No other compensation and other benefits. This type of injustice happened to many in India in all states is also true. Now genuine measures with right approach with right appeal to take  India to the top in the world, so we must support our mygov.in.

Now by this B J P Government, Land acquisition law passed in the parliament and it confirms 4 times of its value with the ruling price of the Market.
also an employment offer to a person of a family who granted their land.
above all 
1.many people will get employment.
2. our economy will grow.
3. like earlier acquisitions it is needless for you  to go to any attempts in any court for compensation is also true.
4. lands will be obtained by government of India through the enforcement of this law that Lands are totally on No usage.  
(tarisu lands 0r unused  where no cultivation or any other act of developments by the owners over decades
5. If we Indians are interested to make "come Make in India "
 a real success than this time we all together need to join our hands to the Government by Mr.Modi.

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