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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

what next FOR Kejriwal ? Only Option to quit Politics is my Idea!!?

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 what next FOR   Kejriwal ? Only Option to quit Politics is my Idea!!? 

In Delhi MCD Election Results 2017  - BJP retains all 3 civic bodies; EVMs rigged, says AAP; Maken quits!!!!

In My view   AAP will start do the Pack up duties from Politics and this is mandatory. This is the only way to Non Performing Politician's of today in India.  Politician's here after can not enjoy bribe, can not enjoy powers to curb any one or any thing.

A Politician must have support from qualified senior I A S ,I P S officer's. Now the days are changed . After many posts posted by me requesting Retired I A S ,I P S officials to come in Politics to start work for their satisfaction with  self Respect was now started working very well would have been Noticed by all People and Politician's in India and abroad. with out these brave people Any government can not perform. Now AAP is also not performed and thrown away by people. Now most of the people started talking that he do not have experience and exposures on People welfare measures is also a truth.

AAP has achieved this much is because of a good foundation done by Mr. Anna Hazare. Same time Anna Hazare has no support from people of India, but he had the support from people living in around Delhi, that is also because of  Congress  Ex chief Minister Mrs. Sheila Dixit Government obtained Huge corruption charges and almost those were proved.

People Believed Arvind Kejriwal because he is a Young Man and may not have ideas on bribe so possibility Good governance. But No chance of Governance at all was proved by AAP.

Delhi in comparison with other Union Territories lagging by 10 years development is also a truth. Above all People normal life /living was totally disturbed. For example Delhi union Government permitted Protestors to protest over 45 days are all Very Bad and lack of knowledge in Governance. 

Now India is with Only Two National Parties they were Congress and B J P. Now these 2 Parties must under stand their responsibilities and must start to work for the people welfare.
Regards. j.k.sundararajan. http://getpaidatlink.blogspot.in

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