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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

BJP has no moral right to criticise DMK organised bandh: Opposition parties

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D M K organised bandh yesterday failed to save Farmer's is the only Painful matter in this. Motive is good and the way is not right is my view.

Almost more than 45 days Farmer's under the leadership of Mr.Ayyakannu protested at Delhi Ram Leela Maidan and they did not got arrested.

But as soon they landed in Tamil Nadu our mother land and when they joined in Bandh they were immediately got arrested by Ruling Government at Tamil nadu is a surprise. On this D M K must have had a opinion and under standing with the ruling Government. 

Instead of this Bandh Tamil nadu Government could have Donated one Month collection of TASMAC to the out standing of Farmer's in nationalised Banks. apart from this D M K would have started requesting to Employees ,Business people in all segment to Donate for Farmer's Loans Outstanding and for this a separate account could have been arranged to open with the support of Ruling Tamil Nadu Government.  People might have been requested to send their contribution to Tamilnadu Farmers Out standing loans relief fund under an account of Tamil nadu Chief Minister relief Fund. This would have settled the issue once for all . 

This Mr.Ayyakannu and his team of farmer's done protests at delhi. But as soon few other farmers started to Delhi from Down South regions by train to join Mr.Ayyakannu he has stopped his protests are looks like some fins and fans exists in this protests.

Thanks. j.k.sundararajan.

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