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Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Feelings and humble recommendation - Empowering our Farmers http://nm-4.com/3jvz via @narendramodi!!!!!!

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Farmers of Tamil Nadu must be given a great concern.

Cauvery river water Distribution not allowed to happen by an Union Government recent wrong Decision ,
Rain Failed ,
State Government of Tamil Nadu is working on arrangement's of Governance taking its own long time after the demise of Late Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa. people in power are working for their powers and office so...
since politicians of any party will loose ultimate value in Cauvery river water dispute. why because if the board is framed/formed than Now work to Politics in this issue?  B J P Government made a first mistake/blinder by created confusion on the arrived  justice from supreme court and do not want to put an end to this issue, is my opinion.

Now ,Union Government Must contribute to Farmers as an important  and immediate concern on Farmers!!. If yes is the answer  , than only the following Lines on Farmers in India is Rightly said, other wise Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is also making wrong comments though he is a courageous  Prime Minister of India with clean Hands.
Rivers in India must be Unified on war footings shall be a good measure is my Recommendation to mygov.in.
Our P M Mr.Narendra Modi saying not to become a Dream!! this is my Humble view!!
India faced consecutive droughts in 2014-15 and 2015-16. Yet due to the resilience of Indian farmers, agricultural production remained stable and so did supply and inflation. Total foodgrain output in 2015-16 is estimated at 252.23 MT while Total food grain output in 2014-15 was 252.02 MT. Ministry of Agriculture has been renamed as Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer Welfare. This reflects a paradigm shift in the vision, which puts farmer first. Allocation for Agriculture and Farmers’ welfare has been increased substantially to Rs 35,984 crore.

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