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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Budget 2017 - by Mr.Narendra Modi Government

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As per the Plan ,the Budget of India must be Announced in Parliament by Finance Minister of India as per schedule, by Mr.Arun Jaietly . As a Indian May I request Judiciary/Supreme Court of India to support this Financial actions/revolution of our Parliament. Union Of India is a Union of more than 30 States and about 6 Union Territories. So, even State Assembly election in few states prevails/takes place immediately after the Budget not to create any hurdle, and This Budget announcement to take place on announced schedule. This is a must to Pride of India, because for the first time Railway Budget is unified with Central Financial Budget and going to be announced on 1st Feb.2017. Hope and I believe that Samaritans will agree and accept my Humble recommendation to have the Finance Budget of India on 1st feb.2017 with out any troubles from any end of our Indian Society.

After this Budget announcement and debates on that in parliament to pass the same Bill, and the Benefits from Demonetisation could be arrived by BJP Government after the Debate on Budget 2017 ,and it may likely come to an end by April 2017 ,so we people of India will receive benefits of Demonetisation act is the truth is my belief and recommendation to Union Government by mygov.in.

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