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Thursday, September 14, 2017

What is A solution to NEET Exam in Tamil Nadu ?

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What is A solution to NEET  Exam in Tamil Nadu ?

State Government of Tamil nadu brought in Samacheer Kalvi  which is a sub standard level of Education to students and which can not challenge C B S C pattern of education in India.

Pupil and Parent's did not had any concern while Samacheer kalvi pattern was brought in Tamil Nadu

In Samacheer Kalvi question and answers for 10th and 12th standard were also published by Tamil Nadu Government and it was circulated through Government school Teachers and Headmaster and Headmistress. By coaching these question Bank and answers   book Student's passed out was almost 100% in Government Schools. 

What is the mistake happened in Education pattern while samacheer kalvi system brought in ?

In Tamil nadu their was a pattern of education called Matriculation standard. This was almost equivalent to C B S C pattern of Coaching. This Matriculation pattern was completely vanished in Tamil Nadu was the reason Today Pupil were suffering to meet NEET is my answer.

All right Now what to be done to support students of tamil Nadu to come out successful in NEET Exam in future.  Union Government now as mygov.in by Mr.Modi has to arrange to release prescribed BOOKS to Write NEET Exam. These Books must be made available by Government of India to Pupil in tamil Nadu and also Pupil of tamil Nadu on date doing their 12th standard must be offered to under go a Completely FREE Coaching in Schools via class room Coaching, this must be arranged . This must be provided for years to come still the Samacheer kalvi Pattern matching with C B S C  Books in Education in 10th,11th,12th standard. This a must in Need to students in Tamil Nadu.

This is my strong recommendation to mygov.in by Mr.Modi .

Note to student's : Protests and spoiling law order situation and playing with the life of students were not right. Parents paying to schools and colleges for education and to find growth in their children life and in their family.  for the sake of politician's growth in Education Political involvement is to be banned.

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