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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mr.Narendra Modi must allow people in Middle and Poor segment to work and function their Normal duties

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 Mr.Man Mohan Singh had 20 Years in Office with Highest Power as detailed by Constitution of India. 
in 20 Years he had not done any thing constructively and now commenting on others and try to direct the People of this country towards wrong views is not right is my recommendation

But, at the same time Mr.Narendra Modi must allow people in Middle and Poor segment  to work and function their Normal duties. Performing normal duties not to be disturbed is my Humble view to Mr.Modi .

Mr.Man Mohan singh not paid attention on Black Money though he was reserve Bank Governor, Finance Minister of India, and Prime Minister for 10 years continuously is the truth known to all and to Mr.Man Mohan Singh itself. He did not tried to Bring back the Old Congress with the leaders available after eliminating few ,and he could not order to Political parties to release their assets and Currency in Hand and accurate accounts of  Congress Party and B J P,Communist Party of India and Trinamool Congress and others. this could have been done by Mr.Man Mohan singh because People believed him but he exploited by braveness. thanks.

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