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Friday, August 18, 2017

Government declared that Late j . jayalalithaa residence 82,veda Nilayam will be converted as Memorial for public visit!!!!!???my view

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Government declared that Late j . jayalalithaa residence 82,veda Nilayam  will be converted as Memorial for public visit!!!!!???my view-

IN 1967 Mrs.Sandhya Purchased this House and named her mother Name Veda Nilayam. 

Veda Nilayam purchased at Rs.1.32 Lakhs was not with 24,000 square feet in  1967. And their is no legal will of Late J.Jayalalithaa available or generated in her life time. 

so Late J.Jayalalithaa Memorial can be only the House as per 1967 Original document.  Many Politician's today in Tamilnadu talk as follows. that is in the later days many additions to 1967 purchase . Many Number of Buildings were might be unapproved constructions. 

so in my view Memorial as per original document's can be declared as Memorial and compensation can be payable as per Judicial verdict may be issued on this case as direction to State Government on date is a possibility. But if the entire 24,000 sq.feet  Building's declared as Memorial than that itself   will fetch Very Bad Name to the Name of Late J.Jayalalithaa and people will start talk automatically that late J.Jayalalithaa acquired Huge wealth and properties in Huge assets case was right will be the confirmation arrived by People and their will not be a need to confirm this by a court verdict is my Belief. 

Let us hope, what and how Tamil Nadu Government decides this issue? 
Tamil Nadu Government to segregate the House at 81 veda nilayam in to 2. (TWO). one as per the 1967 original document and that could be a memorial on compensation. 

than the second could be the property blocked on litigation and than it can be allowed to be decided by the supreme court of India or by a court decision will be the right move/decision.

I Think Government of Tamil Nadu will do act for a better  future of A.I.A.D.M.K. and certainly may not try to fetch bad name on this issue. 

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