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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Amit Shah: Election Results are very encouraging

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This is a very good Man date given by people voted, huge victory in UP, Utthrakand and in other 3 states enabled B J P to breath free and it has enabled to get Huge Number of ,it is about 80 to 85 M.P's to Rajya sabha. 

This entries at Rajya sabha will give room and pave way to Mr.Modi Government can get pass all Genuine Bills and will provide people welfare measure's at easy reach and in short time is my view.

Both At Lok sabha and Rajya Sabha now B J P will have Very Good strentgh for a good governance.


Congress eliminated almost in India. This will pave way to new thinking in Congress and by which Old Congress leaders will try to Light and will add strength by forming New Rejuvenated Congress with out Jawaharlal Nehru Family People rule is the only Option to Congress is my view. 


AAP will grow as second Political National Party to add strength to Democracy.


SP,BSP,and few other political parties at U.P. will gradually Vanish from politics .


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