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Saturday, February 11, 2017

May I humbly request President of India Mr.Pranab Mukherjee to advocate suitably and accordingly to Parliament and to Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi to react on this

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Mr.Subramaniyan swamy words are not from Mr.Modi ,then, in my view the present Government of India by Mr.Pranab Mukherjee - President of India must emphasise the Permanent need of a Governor  to Tamil Nadu considering the prevailing present situation in the Political front and May I humbly request  President of India Mr.Pranab Mukherjee to advocate suitably and accordingly to Parliament and to Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi to react on this at the earliest. 

Governor shunting in between two big  states need huge time to analyse and to come to decision on all issues emerges incidentally in the state where more than 6 Crore Tamil Speaking Indian people live.

On Date Both Maharashtra and Tamil nadu were Two Big states with Huge Indian Population which requires permanent Governing authorities is the truth can not be denied by any Indian citizen!.

In Fact Governor may announce some ridiculous or stringent decision which may not be liked by few factions, but it is a necessary for the sake of well being of people

In case Governor and President feel that a State in union of India need proclamation of President Rule, it is not wrong

But before to that all arrangements towards safety to Living has to be organised by Government Authorities. Above to that , for example , Press and Media published Huge assets of J.Jayalalithaa ,and in Turn if Governor feel that these assets Details has to be investigated to know the truth in that and the same has to be Drawn in to the Treasury of Government.  Assets of a Dead like this prominent personalities who did not wrote any legal will and the Party Assets even in trust account has to be acknowledged and announced by Governor with the consent of President of India ,has to be published in Government Gazette  and the same Gazette copy to be published in all leading Press and Media for the knowledge of  people about Assets is a must is my belief and strong recommendation to Mr.Narendra Modi our Prime Minister of India

The above legal methodology declaring about Assets a Political Trust  and the leaders of the same Trust held responsibilities will certainly put an end to all type confusions and or division or faction of the same Political Party and or the Trust

 Now People in Tamil Nadu Find , all Politician's want to enjoy the Benefits in all form's including Power in the Present Assembly of the Tamil Nadu State for the remaining tenure is the truth and fact. Even they have a Strong Doubt that they could not exist in the Vicinity of Future Politics of Tamil Nadu .

(since Jayalalithaa is missing they can not get the chance to get elected in future is the prevailing Doubt in them, and like M.G.R. Jayalalithaa also not dictated or announced any second line leader to take charge of the Party ,Jayalalithaa announced Sri O.Paneer Selvam as interim Chief Minister only while she had Legal troubles and while with an order  convicted and than on re appeal  released from the case  is the truth, But again re appealed and the same case in process waiting for the Judgement,  in fact , the main victim j.jayalalithaa was dead and the others in the same Case may be declared as tools used directly or indirectly by the main victim and for that the living people in the case may be penalised and on that they may be asked/Directed  to pay penalty amount and / or the assets which are all indicated in the case to be handed over to Government Treasury with immediate effect may be a Judgment is a Possibility in my view!!.  ). 

So on the above mentioned fact , the Present Politician's were not demanding Governor of Tamil Nadu to Dissolve the Present Tamil Nadu Assembly is the 100% Truth is my humble view.All 234 Politicians of the present Tamil Nadu Assembly were have fear and doubt  to  challenge about win  though an unavoidable Election for the Nest Assembly is the Truth.

Power demanding politicians in factions may cause huge damages to the Living in Tamil Nadu is also a possibility so My recommendation to President of India is to Declare President rule,Please -  save Indian lives in Tamil Nadu 


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