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Sunday, November 20, 2016

give/produce a way to find out the right persons for the right Job in Politics of India!!!!. - create complete awareness about India to all Indians

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To all Media and Press - my Humble request -

My Dear friends may I request you all to generate a News program to Reveal all news happenings in all state to be revealed in all state regional languages in the respective states to create a feel we are all living as and to Live permanently as Indians.
In all Debates or discussions you may please call people from Public to find out the strong Politicians of Tomorrow for a brighter and better India. 

For your under standing , this is like how Top singer program's generates and provides the best of that field, similarly Press and Media instead of calling many from the politician's from political parties which do not have even 6% votes and last its political entity. 
Why Press and Media to generate Politicians for the future from the Young and New faces because will provide a great Indian Politicians is a best opportunity and possibility is my strong recommendation!.I believe that this is the part of responsibility of a Press and Media

Now in India  apart from Mr.Modi, many politicians, this includes Mr.Rahul Gandhi ,were rejected by People in India on so many untold reasons.
 Many time people vote to few because though they do not like all Politician's but it is a need to select some one so a better politician is selected and voted. this is well known to many in press and media is a truth.

Certainly selected or voted or elected politicians can not say that they are in the good will and affectionate of People of the country or a state!!!  
Press and Media were need to find the truth and Untold reasons in the mind set of people about politician's are to be digged out
for this  Press and Media may please call the attention of many Young (aged more than 35 to 40) and generate many debates and discussions and that will give/produce a way to find out the right persons for the right Job in Politics of India!!!!.

already I have written on this issue in many posts in my blogs. To call the attention of retired IAS IPS and IFS officers to enter politics for that press and media to provide them opportunities in debates was the request, and this is happening with high regards and respect is my joyful notice.Most of the media calling the attention of IAS and  IPS officers to their debates if suitably  connected to their profile and experiences is very Nice to watch or witness. This is a very good alert in politics raising now is from my happy note. similar to this Retired Judges to join in Politics is must.
Also as a Indian I look forward Persons and scholars and retired senior editors in chief were need to join hands in Politics ,and for this they need to join many debates to make those debates most meaningful. Thanks.

Retired election commissioners ,retd.Army,Navy,Airforce Generals or chief may join in Politics to strengthen the Electoral system by putting forward their confronted issues which are accepted by them because of government forceful acts to correct that issues may start reveal them now to people

here after still waiting to find persons from cinema Industry can not be a right justice to Politics.

in the Present time in the cinema Industry payments are very huge and No services or help or supports to people/government  at any critical situations.

 for example to avoid Black money further in film industry  in first step to call producers to declare the salary payments to the participants doing any role in fulfilling that film up to 100 days celebrations is a must by a Government order.

In fact in Serial productions played for many years in T V Channels costs Huge than a film. In this Black Money is used and generated is also a truth.

 From Advertisement's in between the program's the income is very High. so as a moral support Television channels must be asked by Government of India what is the generated Business and income out of the Advertisements they relayed in each serials or program's  will produce Ban on Black Money automatically is also a truth.

above all,income from different ways and means ,why Television channels relayed through Cable Network and Dish Network are collecting Money from each Home to watch their program's? is to be questioned by B J P Government and finance ministry in particular

Dish Network operators say that they are collecting Rupees 99 for their Network Maintenance and as income ,and they collect money for Channels relay has been paid to Political parties. The truthfulness in this has to be found out and if it is true supreme court of India and B J P Government has to command the Dish Network and Cable operators to relay all channels at FREE OF COST to all Home in our Country will be a Next  good move by Mr.Modi Government. or at least to ban the collection of Rupees 99 why because payment for watching channels only to be paid by an order from Mr.Modi Government will be well appreciated by People in India.

How you take a tour on world news, similar to that every day for 30 minutes in Hindi,for 30 minutes in English and in regional languages of the State's where the network works. This is a must to avoid division in the Name of Language,creed and colour. India and Indian must be a single thought to exist in all Indian minds.

why to take a tour around the country in the last 8 Hours of 24 hours ,that is 3 times a day in all State in India ?

this will create complete awareness about India to all Indians. Now people in Tamil Nadu get awareness about Tamil Nadu only.

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