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Saturday, November 19, 2016

acchu alasal - thanthi tv - Sri Ashoka varshini discussion with Mr Dr.sumanth c Raman today (20.11.2016)Press and Media may please offer solutions ......

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acchu alasal - thanthi tv - Sri Ashoka varshini discussion with Mr Dr.sumanth c Raman today (20.11.2016).

Today the discussion on Rs 500 and 1000 ban issue not analysed fairly by Mr.Sumanth c.Raman. His talks always carries views one sided or partiality based.

 My Humble request to media is not to aggravate the issue's or problems faced while implementing this ban of Old currencies Rs500 and 1000 ,instead of that Press and Media may please offer solutions to problems raising out of this Major task could be a good Help to the Governance. Thanks.

In the earlier Occasion when Black Money was banned  was in the History of Financial Administration of India did not had any problems or troubles ,why? ,How? .

the same exercise of earlier government did not paved any results or ways and means to be taken care as cautionary measures or steps for the future for the same type of exercise if happens was the lag.

Also to note with the Ban of 1000 Rupees currencies by earlier Government of India was not able to Reduce the Black Money  But, Instead of Reduced or Removed/stopped/banned the Black Money in India  giant growth in Black money increased drastically at a Rapid speed was a well Known Fact found/witnessed by we Indians

so to cure a dangerous disease Treatment will also serious is also known to us.that is what happening now in India. We Indians now to support the measures of Government of India is a necessary need of this time is my view.

so the present Government took all Measures to ban Black Money legally. in that this Ban of Old currencies in Rs 500 and 1000 is on Successful process with all type of hurdles.

The process time limit was announced up to 30th December 2016. On this Dr.sumanth C Raman not paid attention it seems. in My view this time limit is very Lengthy

So,Now this Exercise by Mr.Modi Government is experiencing all pains and well being

so for all type of Pains facing on the implementation of Ban of old currencies of Rs.500 and 1000 is handled/handling by Finance Ministry with immediate actions/steps legally ,and this could be a laborious /tough to people but we Indians need to bare this for the Sake of Clean India

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