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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

சிங்கப்பூர் கவிஞர் கண்ணதாசன் விழா - 2009

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Ivarukku ivar aasiriyar parattu pole Enakkum ivar Aasiriyar aaga enakku irrunda podhu ennakku paratu kidaithathu ivaridam .

I feel and believe that I had huge luck to have this great samaritan exclusively in Tamil Language as my Teacher in my college education. at that time he was a lecturer in S.I.V.E.T.College Chennai. for Tamil Mr.Sadasivam a great scholar in tamil and this Mr.S.P.Verrapandian were great teachers. first my salute to Him. He is a great and distinguished fanatic on Tamil Language and Tamil speaking Indians. he worked this college from 13a Anjeneyar koilstreet east tambaram. than all developments in him known to the present world. Now he sticked to Dravidar kazagam party on responsible position and carrying his work for the development of Tamil speaking Indians.

For His Remeber ; I acted as "Veera Shivaji" Drama He was the fine arts club chairman of that college ,that is the first year of hat college. in that I Mono acted"veera Shivaji" Drama on stage and become popular because of the Dialogues ,yes Such Strong Dialogues were written by my Teacher S.P.Veera Pandian now suba Veerapandian.

Thanks to him for the opportunity as a student to him. My best wishes. and Good luck . this speech is also very good. similar to continue......

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