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Friday, March 18, 2016

a registered Logo of a Business Company or a firm has been offered or allocated to Political parties By Election Commission /commissioner's with out any objection's from Law maintaining people in Judiciary

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Supreme Court allows pictures of CM, governor in government advertisements.


But at the same time , I wish to say that ,Having this concept in mind set ,Judiciary and Election Commission would have allowed Politicl parties to do Propoganda on all election days also.

But we Indians(including Judiciary) can say in all these Years this rule has been Violated by Political Parties,and continuing.

 Political Parties own directly or indirectly Press and Media.
Even Political parties and or its Party President said  or says that they are not the owner's of Press and Media . 
I Hope Judiciary/Supreme court or Prime Minister of India ,President of India,Electin commission of India and Election commissioner's ,Consumer Law Board authorities ,Trade Logo Registering Law authorities  may not agree in providing /allocating the same Registered Logo's to Political Parties also for the Elections Happened and will going to Happen!!!????. 
so, at least, Here after, the concerned authorities may not wish to continue this mistake in Politics ,in Future by Indian's not to say that this an act of "Justice denied Acknowledged and approved".
In Case, No one showing any interest on this serious issue /matter than we Indians can all this as "an allowed Violation of Law in Democracy of India" and it will continue for ever in Democracy.

I would like to say that  in the above mentioned authorities in Democracy of India will not deny the following statement.This can also be called as Denied Opportunity and or Justice to many Political Party contestants. why because even on the day of Election date people will watch Television channels of their like.

so Once again I appeal to President of India,Prime Minister of India ,Supreme Court/Judiciary of India,Election Commission,Election commissioner's,Consumer and Trade Law enforcing authorities to come to an amicable decision by which Allocating Logo's to Political Parties Must not be already in Use as Registered or Unregistered but as Most popular Logo.
I believe that Democracy inn Idia will react on This matter effectively and at the Earliest Possible.

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