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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kelvikkenna Bathil : Exclusive Interview with Anubumani Ramadoss (21/2/1... - people do not want to question this question to Paid Channels

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My simple question to Mr.Anbumani?

what could be your stand on forcing to make make all Tv channels at Free of cost to relay which are all declared as Free channels!!!.
For example :

Makkal Tv,DD channels, Kalignar Tv, Vasanth Tv, Murasu TV and many other Free channels are relayed only if you pay Rupees 99 (to Tatasky,Videocone,airtel,Sun direct ,etc),(even you installed Dish and Setup Box or Cable TV Connection) People are allowed to watch these Free channels in Their Home.

exploitation to consumer rights:-

On the other Hand while People watch Free Channels against even a minimum Payment than it is an exploitation to consumer rights.

off course people do not want to question this question to Paid Channels,off course we people in India Know well that all Television channels are grabbing Huge Revenue from Advertisements.  Even after this Huge revenue from Advertisement's  many Most Popular Television channels are Paid channel list.

All right, It is a surprise to me , why Learned Scholars in Judiciary are keeping quite ? on Free lancer for social Justice why a case not filed ( Makkal Podhu Nala Vazakku)   for Justice to people and economy.

The above issue is also an exploitation to consumer rights ,why not a single Indian in Judiciary is not showing any interest in these issues?????.

While watching Paid channels Many Advertisements, frequent advertisements can be identified or can be remarked as    a forcing Disturbance while enjoying Entertainment's. This is actually an exploitation on consumer Right's. As a consumer you must have freedom to watch a Channel or program with out a disturbance in the form of Advertisement is a must is my faith.

But These Paid Television channels will also say/reply like other Business the word  "Conditions Apply" in Judiciary. But while Installing Cable or  Dish Set up of different companies their is no prescribed Forms Dully filled and returned to Installer is also to be considered while providing Justice People Money and Economy of Indians.

Union Government of India must ratify with Judiciary and Supreme court to Detail about this usage of this exploiting Word /Phrase "Conditions Apply"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and to come to a Justice What are all the Legal Frame can be designed to restrict this word "Conditions Apply" and can be given to the knowledge of the People in India is also a social Justice is a need of this time is my strong Recommendation to Good Hearted samaritans in Parliament,Judiciary ,Executive, and in Politics.
Thanks to Media's and Press for reading this post. with Love j.k.sundararajan.

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