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Monday, November 23, 2015

a Must and Necessary of United Nations to Institute an Office in U N O to Care and provide secured living to women those involve in Prostitution

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It is a Must and Necessary of United Nations to Institute an Office in U N O to Care and provide secured living  to women those involve in Prostitution.I Hope, United Nations Secretary General Mr.Banki Moon will agree and accept this !!!. 

Except U N O , No One will come forward to do this Massive and troublesome Mandatory Need to women who were doing this Prostitution! On Not doing this or not  reacting on this vital issue of our Human world still we people on the earth are can be addressed as savages. Yes. Just for exploitation in all cinema/film/shows we people talk about women security,Freedom and others. We use to say all woman in the world Except Mother and wife were sisters to us is an brutal exploitation on the earth.

U N O Know what for we Born? will agree that we people Born to Live!  To Live /survival a  method of work/job is a must for earning. It does not mean that Prostitution is also a Job? 

In India a Great man Late Mr.Bal Thackery ,Leader of Siva sena Party  lived in Maharashtra and  it was informed to the people he was very fanatic towards Hinduism and its principles. But painful matter is Even after His Death in Maharashtra State their is an allocated peth for doing prostitution. The same situation exists at West Bengal and this happens in all states in remote areas. 
Government could not found any ways and means for these woman in survival is a Neglect by U N O also. UNO have Human Rights Council But it does have any action to curb this and to find way of survivalto these ladies segment of Our Earth. Why this continue?    whybecause Earth is a Male dominating world. and still Male believe that Female were born to surrender and listed in Drugs is the Painful Issue to witness as Truth in Practical world. 
All right ,at least to start with ,U N O ,UNO Human Right Council has to generate a seperate wing /unit office to care these women birth's like UNICEF caring children on Earth is a Must is my View and recommendation. 

Above all, UNO Human rights Council and Political parties like Siva sena must come forward to force the Government in all Nation to bring a Law to say that these woman must not be brought under Legal actions  or Police action's is also a must. They may do Prostitution but they were also born on Earth to Live when we Live has to be a mandatory Thought in all Politician's and or in people mind of our World. Than only  a soultion to this ethnic issue could be arrived.

Already Congress Government governed India over 60 Year’s . In this ,pathetic and Painful issue is Late Mrs Indira Gandhi was a Rigid /stringent/ferocious women Prime Minister Ruled India more than 2 Decade’s . Unsecured situation prevailed to woman in that stringent or Rigid Governance also. Even after this till date No rescue or Recovery action on this by any Government sworn in India is Pathetic and painful is the Updated News.
In Many Nation Woman holding Highest Office , this includes Her Majesty ,Queen in Royal Palace at 10,Downing Street, London and woman leaders  must join hands and to arange to come forward to fight this painful issue as first real and truthful support to woman segment on our Earth is my faith.

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